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MIXING/ RECORDING/ BOOKING POLICIES What if I pay for a session and we can't agree on time and dates? - No worries! If we can't find a time and date that works for us both I will send your money back! How many revisions do get in a mix? - FOUR. If you need more it will be a $75 for another FOUR. Can I get a clean version? - Yes! Clean, Instrumental, and A Capella are included in the price! How much is it to get stems of a mix? - Stems are charged by the hour. What If I want to change the production or add new files once the mix has already begun? - If you add new files to the mix during its process you will incure a fee TBD based on what you are adding. Is vocal tuning part of hte mixng process? - Though vocal tuning can be done during the mixing phase but it is not part of the mixing rate. Vocal tunign is charged by the hour. What is your cancelation policy for recording time? - Full deposits are required to hold date and time. You cna cancel up to 24 hours before you session for a full refund or a change of date. If you cancel the session in less than 24 hours you we will keep 2hrs of your deposited rate.

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