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Ali AMAC McGuire DJing
Ali AMAC McGuire Live Sound
Ali AMAC McGuire in Studio with Murda Beatz and Shordie Shoride
Ali AMAC McGuire and Joji Platinum Record
Ali AMAC McGuire Streams
Ali AMAC McGuire at Staford

In 15 years, I have gone from a college dropout, not knowing a single person who did music professionally, to traveling the world working with top-level artists and being surrounded by Platinum Record holders and Grammy Winners eventually finding myself in the same position and even speaking at Stanford.

That's not what I am most proud of though. I have spent this time helping many artists find their sound and their voices. I have helped and mentored many to become professionals in their careers and avoid many of the mistakes that I have made. 

My legacy won't be the records it will be the people I have impacted. If no one remembers my name but they are passing down lessons that I taught that's all I could ever want. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons I only want to pass it along. 

So why work with me? Simply because I care, because I have done it for myself and others. I lead by example and love. I want to help you have your journey exactly how you want it. Not my way but your soul's way.

Whether it's mentorship, speaking, workshops, or music. Reach out and let me know how I can help!


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