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Using Radiator from Sound Toys to get your percussion to cut through your mix

Radiator from Sound Toys is my secret weapon for getting m percussion to cut through my mix. It’s based off of the Altech 1567A tube amplifier and it really packs a punch! I LOVE to really push all of these knobs to bring a specific character out of my percussion. It’s my number one weapon to get a snare to sit just right behind the vocal.

Let’s take a look at it’s features!

As we move through these features we are also moving along the signal flow of the plug in!

First up the Noisy/ Clean switch. I usually leave it on clean as the noisy section is SUPER noisy but sometime when a track needs extra grit I will leave it on and I can automate if the noise ti to apparent somewhere else.

Next we have the Mic/ Line switch these have different frequency responses for you to play around with and give different textures. I use the LINE feature the most!

Then we move into the Input section which is SURPRISE! the input control of your signal. I love to push it. Radiator is a tube amplifier and the fullness it offers is beyond comparison in my opinion.

The input signal then gets pushed in the 2 band EQ. I use these controls to get the top end or push the bottom of my snares and hi hats to cut through my mix. If I want a really thick snare Ill lower the top end and push the bottom or vice versa depending on the sound I am going for.

Check out the frequency response of them both

From the EQ we move into the Output section where you can push even more or pull back. Honestly I am clipping the hell out of this plug in a lot. If its not clear I love to push this thing into alllll the sweet spots!

From the Output we have a Mix knob which is always the advantage of having a plug in! I usually leave it at 100 because I am very purposeful about how I use this plug in.

Radiator really is my secret weapon. This is just how I use it. You should mess around with all the switched and knobs, find your own taste and most importantly USE YOUR EARS!!


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