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Fixing Dead Key on Komplete Kontrol S49 MK1

It’s been over a year since I’ve used my Komplete Kontrol MK1 S49 midi Keyboard because it had a dead key. You can see in the video that the light on top wasn’t lighting up meaning that it wasn’t getting signal. I scoured the internet to find a solution. Fortunately I found one video where a guy named James Campbell opens up his, cleans it and fixes it. So I thought why not try!!

As you can see in the video it worked! Now I have a working midi keyboard again and I didn’t have to get anyone to fix it for me or buy a new one! You can do a lot yourself that the company’s will tell you is impossible.

Below are the steps to the process if the video I too quick but ti really is a s easy as that!

1 - Make sure you count the number of keys so you can find where you need to clean once its open.

2 - Flip over keyboard and unscrew all the screws. There are 3 different kinds in the back and two look very similar so use a few cups to keep track of your screws and not to confuse them.

3 - Once in side of the keyboard there is a circuit board int eh middle. This is easily removable but is still in there tight so be careful and just wiggle it out.

4 - No there are more screws to take out the circuit board where the information is sent from you hitting the key. Remove these screws, take out, and flip over.

5 - This is where counting the keys comes in. All of the rubber pieces are the keys. Count them until you get to the section your keys are in and pull back.

6 - Take a Q tip dip it In alcohol and clean the area around your dead key. Cleaning the circuit board and the back of the rubber to be safe!

7 - Use a small screw driver to help feed the rubber securely back into the circuit board, flip back over and put the screws back in.

8 - Reattach the circuit board and make sure it is int he there tight! If its not more than just your dead key won’t be getting signal!

9 - Reattach the back panel with all the screws you took in the beginning and your ready to see if it worked!

This was a super easy fix for me and I hope it helps you if you are experiencing the same! This is for the MK1 series so I don’t know if it would work on other keyboards with dead keys or the MK2 version but if you’re way out of warranty like it was its totally worth a try!!

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